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Shape Memory Alloy (SMAs) Market Size 20.1 Billion USD by 2025

形状记忆合金(SMA) - 未来塑造技术

行业 : vwin手机端 日期 : December 30th, 2019
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Shape Memory Alloy Market Report

The demand forShape Memory Alloy market预计将达到20.1 billionUSD到2025年,估计执行CAGR 10.2%from 2019 to 2025. Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are a unique class of smart multifunctional material. Ability to change shape and other special properties make them material of choice for actuation systems across various industries including aerospace, biomedical, construction, automotive applications, amongst others. Owing to properties such as shape memory effect and pseudoelasticity, the material has gained much importance in diverse field of engineering. Adoption rate of shape memory alloys in medical application have experienced high over the past few years. The growing usage of alloys such as nitinol, in manufacturing of better improved stents, bone plates, catheters, and various other medical procedures have driven the demand for SMA and have open pool of opportunity across the entire value chain. SMA is playing a crucial role in shaping medical technology and holds promising future of medical material.

Key findings from the report:

  • TheglobalShape Memory Alloy marketis expected to reach20.1 USD billion到2025年CAGR 10.2%
  • Based on Type:
    • 硝丁醇is widest adopted shape memory alloy, and is accounted to hold majority share of the market in 2018.
  • 基于应用:
    • SMA作为电机和执行器申请,拥有市场的大多数份额,预计将在预测期间继续占据优势
  • 基于地区
    • North America held the majority of the share of the global market in 2018. Asia-Pacific is expected to exhibit high CAGR over the forecast period
  • 在市场上运营的一些关键公司包括1)Euroflex GmbH,Saes,Ati特种合金和组件,终极NITI Technologies,Niphon Steel&Sumitomo Metal,Johnson Matthey,Stanford Advanced Materials,Alb Material,Fort Wayne Metals Inc.,内存 - 金属GmbH,Tini Alloy Co,等



Browse full research report with TOC on“Global Shape Memory Alloy Market Outlook, Trend and Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Insights, Actionable Segmentation & Forecast 2019-2025” at://www.sofiapartner.com/global-shape-memory-alloy-market-report/

To purchase report:sales@energiasmarketresearch.com


North America is the largest SMA market over the globe in 2018. Continuous innovation and R&D in field of smart material engineering, position North America above other region. High defence budget coupled with advanced and large aerospace infrastructure has led to the rising demand of SMA in the region. Moreover, U.S being at the forefront in the innovation of new and better medical devices strengthen its position in the global SMA market. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the prominent region in the global SMA market, registering highest CAGR over the forecast period. Rapid industrialization with economies thriving, demand for multifunctional and intelligent material across various industries has grown rapidly in the region. Upgrading healthcare industry, increasing and evolving consumer electronics, increasing aerospace and defence budget primarily in big economies such as India and China provides boost the growth of SMA market in the region.

The report segments global Shape Memory Alloy market on the basis of Type , memory effect, function, application, end-use and region.


  • 硝丁醇
  • Cu-Zn-Al-Ni
  • Cu-Al-Ni
  • 铁氧化铁
  • Nickel-Aluminium
  • Nickel-Titanium
  • 其他

SMA Market, By Memory Effect

  • One way
  • Two-Way

Shape Memory Alloy Market, By Function

  • Pseudoelasticity
  • Constrained Recovery
  • Free Recovery
  • Actuation Recovery


  • Motor and Actuators
  • Transducer
  • 结构材料
  • 传感器
  • 其他

Shape Memory Alloy Market, By End-Use

  • Medical
    • 导管
    • Medical guide wires
    • 骨盘
    • 支架
    • 其他
  • 飞机
    • Wings
    • 引擎
    • 稳定剂
    • 起落架
    • 其他
  • Civil
    • 加强材料
    • Damping devices
    • 结构连接
    • Isolation devices
    • Frames
  • Automotive
    • Body frame
    • 引擎
    • 电池
    • 其他
  • Optics
  • Robotics
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Other

Shape Memory Alloy Shaping Technology For The Future